April 2022






Ramon Puig Cuyàs and Carla Garcia Durlan faced each other this April.

Perfection and creativity, paired with Mediterranean light and ease, radiates this wonderful and remarkable DUO encounter.



Nº 1943 Seeing is not looking, Brooch with chalcographic engraving, 2022.
Brooch: Nickel silver, enamel on steel, bone, wood and acrylic painting.Engraving: Over paper. Stone: Sodalite.

Every morning before I start working in the studio I take long walks in the fields or on the beach. I like to walk through open spaces where it is possible to alternate looking towards the open horizon with a closer look at the small details. I like trying to read and understand the signs of nature. The shapes of the clouds moving with the wind, the geological strata that speak to me of millions of years and of seas that have already disappeared. Perceiving the cycle of the seasons with the appearance of certain seasonal plants, some only live a few days and others appear to replace them in a permanent but variable cycle depending on the rains.

From these walks came a work in the form of an artist's book with 12 engravings. I have used one of these engravings to transfer the image on enamel over steel, combining it with a stone (mineral), a fragment of wood (vegetable) and a fragment of bone (animal). Its placement within the frame draws the look and attention to small details and makes it easy to read the dialogue between the elements of the composition, as an equivalence in what happens on my walks.

Born in Mataró (Barcelona) in 1953. From 1969 to 1974 he studied the specialty of jewelry at L´Escola Massana de Barcelona, where from 1977 to 2017 he was a professor of design and jewelry projects.He is one of the creators with the most international projection in the field of artistic jewelry.






5 Brooches ON THE MOVE

Acrylic paint, wood, nickel, silver, powder marble, found materials, 2021/2022

The piece Carla Garcia Durlan presents under the title “Aprenent a mirar” (Learning to look) is a composition made out of 5 brooches. Each piece can function on its own and is built with dumped broken materials. These, through painting and composition, are transformed adding a new value and meaning to the piece. Choosing is a bravery act and, for that, learning to look is needed. The stained and broken fragments caused by impetuous actions cohabit with the search of balance in the composition. Both moments in the creative process have the intention of finding beauty in what has been discarded by others. The viewer will be, on the other hand, the one in charge to provide a jewel identity to each brooch comprising the final sculpture. This presents a game in which learning to look must be learnt, not only from a visual perspective, also from curiosity, touch and experience.