Postcards from across the street























Three brooches




SOFIA BANKESTRÖM Her brorooches are carved from juniper and lightly tinted with linseed oil paint, they retain many features of the original piece of wood. Twigs, knots, density and color in the different parts of a wooden piece make them each their own. How the pattern is cut gives a vivid character to each piece, depending on the lighting conditions. The fine lines form a type of non-figurative drawing or texture.

The title Marginalia derives from scrabbles in the margin, lines squeezed in between and around the main text, forming spontaneous notes and messages, additions and reminders.

Sofia Bankeström, born 1986 in Gothenburg, Sweden works in a multi-material practice ranging from metal and ceramics to textile, wood, stone etc. She lives and works in Gothenburg, Sweden. Prior to earning her MFA Degree from HDK-Valand in 2017 she has studied metal craft, painting and art history. Alongside her jewellery work she teaches drawing classes and workshops in several institutions.


















Two pendants

Garden Fluctuations

KLARA BRYNGE The jewellery in my box has the title ’Garden Fluctuations’ – the work is an homage to ordinary everyday communication, and made in the thought of notes on conditions such as the weather coming and going at a certain time and place shared with someone somewhere else through a sent message like a postcard. 

I have found metal, and mainly silver, to be my working material, it is through that I draw shapes with my hands and tools. I work with intuition in balance with control and consistent decisions. The work draws images and form from places I see and how they meet an inner landscape of spaces. It is an intention to create a space in between conditions and certain places through the material. 

Klara Brynge, born 1980 in Lindesberg, Sweden works as a jewellery artist in Gothenburg where she teaches at the BA program in jewellery art at HDK-Valand, Gothenburg University since 2013. She holds a MFA in craft with specialisation in Jewellery Art from HDK, Gothenburg University.